Finding Customers With Valves (Part A,B,C … )


Welcome towards Hydraulic Headquarters site. Since they provide high corrosion opposition and sealing for critical, harsh-duty applications, this new adapters are perfect in facilities alongside stainless instrumentation fittings and flareless bite-type fixtures, as well as along with other NPT and JIC services and products,” said Bill Jarrell, vice president of marketing and procurement at Brennan Industries.

Everyone of our hydraulic adapter fixtures fulfills all applicable SAE requirements. PROUDLY PROVIDING HYDRAULIC ITEMS AND ASSOCIATED SERVICES TO SASKATCHEWAN AND WESTERN CANADA AS 1992. We are based away from Waverly, MN, but we can ship atmosphere hose fixtures, hose adapters and any one of our other products anywhere in the united states.

Also, First Hose’s considerable selection of adapters includes stock more than 500 line items of various sizes and thread kinds in metal, metal in 6k and 10k force ratings. Hydraulic Headquarters keeps a total stock of hydraulic adapters willing to deliver to meet your preferences. Our hydraulic adapters are provided in just one of two body designs, brazed or forged.

From limit, bulkhead, pipe nuts, plugs, and a whole lot, we carry the metal and steel fixtures to meet your metric and imperial requirements. From metal to mild metal adaptors, with male and feminine fixtures, take a good look at our extensive range. Parker -Ring face seal tube and hydraulic metal fittings. Additionally, Brennan has got the power to manufacture custom created fixtures, by which Brennan provides a drawing, model or manufacturing run of even one unique fitting on the basis of the consumer’s concept or request.

Finish – Zinc plating with silver chromate (zinc chromium 6 free) is used on all standard metal products. We provide Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN) tapered and parallel fittings, or just Metric while KP-LOK they’re understood in North America, however, parallel metric fittings are even more predominant.

We’re one of a few companies on earth whom offer a bespoke and custom Hydraulic fitting and adapter service, offering items both in right and forged designs, with an easy, expert and economical response. Metal Fittings provides a variety of British Standard Pipe Fittings and Metric Pipe Fittings.

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