Pipe Fittings For Sale – How Much Is Yours Worth?


DHF holds the Manuli hydraulic crimp fitting selection of services and products. Of most tube connectors, 37° flare fittings can be purchased in the broadest selection of sizes, designs, and materials. While fitting measurements often match the size of the conductor here can nevertheless the types of hydraulic fittings and adapters be a variance in fitting choices for one size of pipe or tube. Figure 2. Flare-type fittings provide several design and gratification improvements over pipe fixtures and are usually combined with thin-walled and medium-thickness tubing.

• Sealing is accomplished with a captive -ring within the body component. The hydraulic systems alone use countless several types of fixtures and adapters with different sealing techniques and thread kinds. All the fitting kinds supplied by Hy-Lok is tailored on exact needs of your application.

The fitting has a human body, tube nut, sleeve, and -ring. Fittings include flanges, compression sleeves, compression nuts, unions, blanking caps, plugs, -ring and tees. Besides, we additionally provide Seal-Lok, Seal-Lok Lite, Triple-Lok and EO series fixtures for connections with Ferulok® tube fittings.

BSPP is easier identifiable due to its parallel threads and bonded seal band. Fixtures seal fluid inside the hydraulic system by 1 of 2 practices: all-metal fixtures rely on metal-to-metal contact, while -ring type fittings contain pressurized fluid by compressing an elastomeric seal. Our hoses may be found in a selection of materials generally thereisn’ question we will have the correct one for you personally.

All of our metal fittings and adapters are plated to resist corrosion. A male fitting could have the threads on the exterior, while women fitting could have the threads within the hex nut. Also, they are tested to ensure their functionality at high pressures whenever assembled with your hoses. Fittings are constructed of lots of materials including stainless, metal, synthetic, Monel and much more.

You can expect Seal-Lok pipe fittings with for high flow at low to moderate stress; Seal-Lok H2 fixtures for hydrogen fuel cell and compressed normal gas-powered vehicles; Triple-Lok 2 fittings with an elastomeric seal for 20percent greater working pressures than a standard 37° flared fitting, Parker Screened Fittings for critical elements and applications that want that additional sureity against particle contamination, along with E0-1,2 and 3 series fittings for fast, safe, leak-free tube and hose construction in hydraulic systems.

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